And Speaking of New Millennium Mongolian Cluster F**cks...

Some of my readers out there may have noticed an outage on this site for the past week or so. For this I humbly apologize. This was due to my desire to improve the site, and the content that I can provide to all of you, and to a certain companies desire to protect me out of existence. I’m talking about

Apparently Visa’s catch-phrase “it’s anywhere you want to be” is a little broken. See, I want to be in Japan, and that’s where I am. My billing address is in Canada, so that I can continue to be their customer. GoDaddy is located in the United States, where I have no desire to be at the moment. This, I’m afraid, was too much for GoDaddy to handle, and so now I have a new hat to add to my rack of professions: Credit Card Defrauder.

Yes, because my credit card was billed to a place different than where the sale occurred, I’m quite obviously trying to scam myself. And certainly, no phone number with 11 digits could possibly be legitimate. So, after spending a significant sum of money at an internet cafe purchasing their service, moving my domain over to their servers, and setting up my site, I went home thinking everything was alright. And in the middle of the (UTC+9) night, I received a series of emails reminiscent of a certain “Simpsons” episode…

You have half an hour to move your car. You have 15 minutes to move your car.

Your car has been crushed into a cube.

You have 15 minutes to move your cube.

Your cancelation request has been received. Your cancelation request has been processed.

Your refund has been applied.

Your website is now a cube.

Hooray GoDaddy! Thank you for protecting me from myself! I would have never thought that in this borderless age that making a purchase from a country other than the one I “live” in would be a problem. Thanks for fixing this “problem” for me without needlessly involving me; I’m sure it would have done nothing more than slow down your already efficient takedown procedures!