Blogs: Personal vs. A Product

As most of you can tell, I’ve come down with a sort of case of writers block whith regards to this site, there hasn’t been a post here for about three weeks, despite the fact that since then I’ve installed linux on an xBox, purchased numerous gadgets, and been back and forth to Tokyo for the turning of the year. And that’s what’s driving the block.

When I first made the jump to a dedicated from Futurtastic (hosted on blogger), I envisioned a blog that was purely business; that is to say, that I didn’t want to turn readers away by simply making this site a personal journal. I have a real problem with vanity sites. Unfortunately, one of my other visions was an active blog, one that could keep you coming back (or refreshing your feeds) to find new and interesting content. Sadly, despite two episodes of Dai-Cast, and a third in preproduction, this site is still without any meaty content.

So, the question becomes: Do I add personal content to the site in an effort to increase activity, but at risk of diluting the brand? Well, there are many other successful sites out there that mix business with pleasure. Binary Bonsai, Airbag, and come to mind, and have remained productive, and interesting. The difficult part is always finding the delicate balance between blog, and vanity site.

I also have to ask myself, what does the tiltyhouse “brand” represent? When people have asked, the answer has always been that it is a personal brand. Ergo if tiltyhouse is the brand, than Ian Horner can be one of the products, right up there with Dai-cast and anything else that may spring forth from my forehead. (And as with all tiltyhouse products, your comments are greatly appreciated).

So, look forward to more posts, now with X% more “life”.