Podcasting & "the View"

How many of you out there are familiar with “The View”, the daytime talk show featuring a number of middle aged women hashing over the latest “news” in the world. I just came to a disturbing revalation that I should elaborate on now that I’m no longer pleasantly buzzed. (And damn Drunkenbatman for stealing the “drunken”-superhero name from everyone who is indy).

I would herebly like to submit my theory that ”This Week in Tech”, hosted by Leo Laporte, is nothing more than “The View” for geeks. That’s right, members of the TWIT army, (myself included), you are nothing more than a bunch of middle aged women watching daytime trash television!


Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s look a bit deeper, and find out why this isn’t really so much of a bad thing. I’m a geek, I’ll readily admit that, and as a geek, the mainstream media, by and large, holds little interest to me. Judge Judy, Montel Williams, those Saturday afternoon fishing shows, and talk radio have never really clicked with me.

Enter the world of narrowcasting! Podcasting, vidcasting, folksonomy-tuned rss photo feeds, new technologies distilling the wealth of media out there to only what you want to experience. This has allowed show like ”The Week in Tech”, ”Diggnation”, and the ”MuggleCast” to spring up and find a loyal, and large, audience. What this means however, in the context of this post, is that we geeks now have our very own trash media to consume. And I for one enjoy it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to listening to a group of middle aged, slightly overweight computer geeks yammer on about the latest “news”.