Dai-Cast 007 - VJ Day (Valentines in Japan)

Dai-Cast is a weekly podcast highlighting recent developments in japan and japanese pop culture from a western perspective.


Topics Covered this Week:

The Progressive Anime/Manga Industrial Complex
•- Reggie vs. Chuck
•- Animal Crossing Bundle
•- Saikano Movie
•- Japanese Imperial Family has a “Pan” in the Oven
•- Microsoft Desperate in Japan
•- British English = Sexy? •- Koizumi wants more English
•- Deep into the Maid Caves… I mean Cafes
•- Video Games for Young Girls
•- Beej’s Webcomic of the Week - Narbonic
•- Beej’s Anime of the Indeterminate Time Period - Hanbun no Tsuki
•- Beej’s Shoutout - Magic for Beginners
•- Jason’s Shoutout - Picture Zen
•- Angela’s Shoutout - Salaryman Heroes: Ultraman

Running Time: 1:28:30