The Big-O's Japan Slam Ep 10

The Big-O

Rising from it’s own ashes, after it’s tragic untimely death at the hands of NR.92 (the station for the students), the Big-O returns!

And he’s brought his Japan Slam!

Welcome to the Big-O’s Japan Slam: Podcast Edition, where your host the Big-O comes at you with the latest Japanese pop, rock, anime and video game music, for your aural pleasure!

Or, you could just eat some pie…

Either way, it’s Japantastic!

Featured in This Episode:

  • GYM - Fever to Future
  • GARNET CROW - Maboroshi
  • Linking BGM - Tsubasa Chronicle OST - Future Soundscape IV

Oricon Top 10 Week of Sept 26/06

  1. Taiyou no Uta - Amane Kaoru (up from 2)
  2. I remember you - Yui (new)
  3. Tariho - The Cro-magnons (new)
  4. Sorafune/Do!Do!Do! - Tokio (down from 3)
  5. Koi no Pecori Lesson - Gorie (new)
  6. Kimi ga Saiko - Park Yong Ha (new)
  7. Natsu Oto/Hen na Yume ~Thousand Dreams~ - Glay (down from 1)
  8. Mata (C) Tana - Kome Kome Club (new)
  9. Tarako Tarako Tarako - Kigurumi (down from 4)
  10. Real You - Yamada Yuu (new)


  • VGM - Final Fantasy III Nintendo DS OST
  • Eternal Wind - .333 mix - muZik
  • The Final Battle - THE BLACK MAGES Ver.