Ian on the Adult Space Child Free Podcast

No Babies!For those of you who haven’t quite had enough of me after watching Episode 52 of Dai-Cast, or need more during those long couple of weeks until we get started on Season 2, here’s something to tide you over.

Back near the beginning of the month, I appeared on the Adult Space Child Free Podcast episode 39, hosted by friend of the show Chris Fisher.

If you’re interested in the whys and hows of my, and Chris’ decision not to have children, you may find this an interesting listen. Chris is taking great strides to promote the child free lifestyle to the world, and I salute her great efforts. And whether you agree with her stand or not, it’s an interesting, well informed, and well produced podcast all around.

So please, give her a listen and a comment over at gettingby.net.

Now I’m off to get myself some much needed rest…