Dai-Cast 070 - Thank You for Being a Friend

On this week, we’ve got a laundry list of Liquid Plumber and Vaseline, and start things off with a little anecdote about Ian’s adventures with Junior High students. Then we get a big X from the industry over Batsu punishment games on Japanese TV. But it can all be cleared up by going to a brothel together, if “Japanese Business Traditions” can be believed from the Dentsu CEO. Meanwhile, KFC beats a hasty retreat out of Japan, making room for the Mitsubishi Snackwitch, which will unfortunately not be honoured by the Nova Ex-Employee Work for Food program. Or, they could simply sign up for the Japanese millitary, for their new army of Gundams. And finally, all aboard the Yamanote Halloween Train – Controversy!

Broadcasting to you, not-quite-live from the crystal gondola in the palatial main Tiltyhouse studios in beautiful downtown Noda City Japan, for the education, elucidation, emancipation, enlightenment and mental emolument of the Nipponistic hoi-polloi.

Or in plain English, Dai-Cast is a weekly podcast highlighting recent developments in Japan and Japanese pop culture from a western perspective.


Topics Covered this Week: