Dai-Cast 071 - Dai-Cast F*ck Up!

On this weeks show, we start out with a ridiculous discussion of Legend of Galactic Heroes bootleg DVDs, pronunciation of ridiculous, slashdot commentary, and the rules of Dai-Cast. Then we move onto real topics, starting with the examination of the link between the lost Jewish Tribes of Israel and Japan. Then we look into claims of genocide on the part of Emperor Akihito, for introducing a foreign species of fish into Lake Biwa. And we critique an American artists take on Cosplay culture, and a new Cosplayers Rights Group in Japan. NHK decides to tell us what they really want to show us through a Weather Report. Love Letters from the Police (without Sting) are calming down teens in Iwate Prefecture. And finally a story from 1968 of how to get yourself out of trouble, by TELLING THE TRUTH.


Topics Covered this Week: