Dai-Cast 085 - Dai-Cast: The Final Pt. 1.5

So it has come to my attention that last week’s show got cut off half way through.  No matter.  We’ll just give you the rest of it as, ANOTHER EPISODE! Mwahaha!

We now join a Dai-Cast, already in progress.


Topics Covered This Week:

  • Woman jailed after killing virtual ex-husband - imprinttalk.com
  • A “short” revisit of the iPhone issue in Japan
  • Japan’s New PM is a Total BadAss - yourmonkeycalled.com
  • A little talk about movie theaters
  • New services allows you to deface school books online - kilian-nakamura.com
  • Fooling cigarette machines face recognition with money - pinktenticle.com
  • Beej’s Webcomics of the Week: Weregeek (really this time…)