Ian and Cori in Japan

Back in September of 2012, Cori and I took a trip to Japan to visit my brother Todd for his wedding. We got a chance to tour Akita, as well as some time in Tokyo. All in all, a fantastic return to a country I once called home. Enjoy our vacation snapshots, such as they are!


Keep Calm - Land Proxies

At the request of nobody, I’ve extended my “Keep Calm and Tap for Mana” series of things to include a set of land proxies for those who want to play with them. Simply print the linked PDFs at 100% on cardstock or plain paper, cut along the guides, and slip into some card sleeves (with or without real land cards, depending on your stock) and enjoy!

Keep Calm and Tap for Mana

Thanks to a one off tweet by @michaelrobles, I was inspired to hack together this set of “Keep Calm” Magic the Gathering themed posters. Enjoy!

Update: Our good friend @the_doc_brown has followed up on the cards I’ve produced, and added a border. Spiffy stuff. Check out his work over on Photobucket

Late Night Dub Fight - Desert Bus 6

This very special episode of the Late Night Dub Fight was recorded on location at Desert Bus for Hope 6 with help from the cast of Loading Ready Run, Kris Straub, and Synaptic Chaos Theatre.

And of course, the Chat.

Relive moments from your favourite anime, cartoons and TV shows in a new and hilarious light. This special Late-Night Dub-Fight pits the riders of the Desert Bus against each other to find out who can “improve” classic clips by redubbing them live with their imposing improv skills. No one knows what show host Ian Horner has up her sleeves, or what the cast members will say in this all-out assault on your funny bone.

The Watchmaker

I’ve finally come up with a Kickstarter idea that seems workable, and I can 100% get behind. I’m going to build myself a watch! Well, by “myself” I mean along with my good friend Cameron Lauder. And by “build” I mean design. Kinda.

See, I thought it would be much harder to put together a watch, but after some time in the dojo, practicing my google-fu, it seems that there is a lot less that goes on under the case in a watch than one may think. It turns out that thanks to the ”quartz crisis” (cleric?) the Swiss watch industry got extremely consolidated. And this means that there certain types of swiss watch movements are effectively commoditized.

Which is all to say that I’ve picked out a movement. Possibly. The Valjoux 7750 is an automatic chronograph movement that seems to be extremely popular which means that customization is going to be easy. It also had it’s patent expire in the early 90s, and has a mature (read: quality) ecosystem of Asian copies, which means that it can be cheap. All I need to do is bring Cam around to being on board with a chronograph, and that’s settled.

I also found some initial suppliers for cases, movements, and hands. At this point, I could just put together a one-off watch of my choosing, but I think I might like to see if I can garner enough interest to do a kickstarter. That, and Cam also wants a custom watch, and this could be fun.

That, and we’ve agreed on Futura as a font for the watch face. Which will look stunning.

Synaptic Chaos Theatre

For those who are curious about what this “Synaptic Chaos Theatre” thing is that I post here from time to time, our friends over at 4GeeksMedia have put together a little primer on our improv troupe. Give it a look, and if you like what you see, you can check out more of Synaptic Chaos Theatre’s work at Synaptic-Chaos.com

Here We Go Again

So it’s come into my head that I’ve been doing the web wrong for a while now. It’s not that I haven’t been doing things online, but I’ve spread myself out way too much. I’ve got my twitter, I’ve been doing shows with Synaptic Chaos Theatre, putting this up on tumblr, and I’ve started podcasting regularly again on a show we call Top Tech.

But tiltyhouse.com has always been on my business cards, and it’s really been languishing. So it’s time for a refresher. Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll find the time to spruce things up around here, clean out some of the cobwebs, and make this more of a place that I can once again be proud to call my own, and put the stuff that I make, the stuff that I like, and the stuff I hope you like too.

Just don’t call it “under construction”…

And don’t call it a comeback… We’ve been here for years.

Top Tech - Top Tech 001 - Storage

At this time, listen to the Most Powerful Men in Canada as they discuss Top Tech. This week – Storage.

The 99 Yen Challenge at Otafest Lite 2011 in Calgary, Alberta

Recorded in Calgary Alberta; at Otafest Lite 2011, it’s the 99 Yen Challenge!

Yeah, you thought we were all done for the season. Honestly, so did we. But Otafest asked, and we answered the call.

As always, your host is Coriander Dickinson, while the panel this time is made up of Ian Horner, Will Wood, and Dan Ross, with Brendan Dery as “Beej”.

The 99 Yen Challenge at Animethon 2011 in Edmonton, Alberta

Recorded in Edmonton, Alberta; at Animethon 2011, it’s the 99 Yen Challenge!

We had a lot of fun recording this one. So much fun, we completely forgot about it, and haven’t posted it for over two months!

As always, your host is Coriander Dickinson, while the panel this time is made up of Ian Horner, and Will Wood, with Brendan Dery as “Beej”.

Oh, and this time we actually have a special guest, Pat Powers of the L33t Str33t Boys. Give him a hand folks!